Donating 3.0

Experience Transparency

Tired of not knowing where your donation is going? Us too.

Lemon submarine

Crystal Clear

How we add transparency, automatically.

Through the blockchain we are able to track all transactions, including donations and withdrawals.

Latest Technology

We utilize the Give Blockchain to verify each donation making it easy to track where you funds are going.

Project Updates

No more guessing where your donations went. You'll get regular updates on the impact you've made.

Building Trust

Visibility into the technology means you can be confident that your contributions are making a meaningful impact.

Community Voting

Each community member can contribute and vote on how the blockchain technology functions. Every voice is heard.

This benefits everyone!

Tax Resources & Benefits

Donating a non-cash asset like cryptocurrency is one of the most tax-efficient ways to support your favorite causes. Want to maximize your tax savings via charitable giving? This is how.

Tax Savings

When you make a charitable donation using cryptocurrency, our charities will provide you with a receipt that can be used for tax write-offs

All in one place

We keep your receipts together so you don't have to. After donating, you can view your receipts on your personal dashboard


Get rewarded so you can give again. We use the Give Blockchain to reward our users for charitable actions.

Nonprofit Partners

These nonprofits utilize Lemonaide to fund their projects.

Lemonaide is more than fundraising

We are igniting purpose, fueling change, and transforming lives worldwide.