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Who are we?

We're building the engine that moves good ideas forward

We empower people worldwide to give back, knowing all funds are transparent.

Lemonaide is a platform that connects individuals with meaningful causes, ensuring transparency in all transactions. With a seamless and secure giving experience, our global community can create positive change and make a lasting impact.

Donating needs transparency

Transparency is at the core of our values. We ensure that every penny donated reaches its intended destination.

Seamless giving experience

Giving should be easy. We prioritize providing a user-friendly platform that makes giving back effortless.

Global community impact

Lemonaide connects individuals worldwide, creating a global community dedicated to making a positive impact.

Meet the team

Get to know the faces behind Lemonaide, our team is a group of talented and passionate individuals dedicated to making a positive impact. We bring together a range of creative minds, working collaboratively to drive change.

photo of Wright and Steph Thurstoncartoon lemon avatar of Wright and Steph Thurston

Wright and Steph Thurston

Give Founders

photo of Faith Thurstoncartoon lemon avatar of Faith Thurston

Faith Thurston

Chief Executive Officer

photo of Haylee Thompsoncartoon lemon avatar of Haylee Thompson

Haylee Thompson

Executive Assistant / Graphic Designer

photo of Courtney Brothersoncartoon lemon avatar of Courtney Brotherson

Courtney Brotherson

Marketing Manager

photo of Madi Acordcartoon lemon avatar of Madi Acord

Madi Acord

Customer Success Manager

photo of James Frycartoon lemon avatar of James Fry

James Fry

Sr. Software Engineer

photo of Tiafau Purcellcartoon lemon avatar of Tiafau Purcell

Tiafau Purcell

VP of Engineering

photo of Landon McKellcartoon lemon avatar of Landon McKell

Landon McKell

Front End Developer

photo of Kellon Parkinsoncartoon lemon avatar of Kellon Parkinson

Kellon Parkinson

Front End Developer

photo of Rachel Briggscartoon lemon avatar of Rachel Briggs

Rachel Briggs

Copywriter / Marketing Specialist

photo of Soli Purcellcartoon lemon avatar of Soli Purcell

Soli Purcell

Digital Content Creator

photo of Ryan Shumwaycartoon lemon avatar of Ryan Shumway

Ryan Shumway

Sr. Product Designer

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Lemonaide is more than fundraising

We are igniting purpose, fueling change, and transforming lives worldwide.