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Nodes power the Lemonaide community, allowing collaboration, transparency, and secure transactions. Operating on the Give blockchain, they validate transactions, reward donors, and showcase the impact of contributions, providing the foundation for trust and empowerment.

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Get rewarded for your donations, so you can continue to give. By owning a smart or lite node, you not only contribute to the Lemonaide community but also unlock the opportunity to be rewarded for your donations.


As a Node Owner, your role is rewarded, enhancing your Lemonaide experience while empowering communities and supporting impactful causes.


When you donate, your contribution is rewarded, creating a positive cycle of support and making a lasting difference in the lives of those in need.

Lifetime of Giving

Maximize the impact of your earned rewards by unlocking exclusive benefits or fueling further charitable donations, ensuring an ongoing cycle of giving.

Lemonaide & GIVE Blockchain

Explore the differences of Lemonaide and The Give Blockchain as separate entities. Lemonaide harnesses the Give blockchain to create transparency and unlock a range of essential benefits.

Give is a Blockchain

Give provides a decentralized blockchain that is owned and governed by the community. Their blockchain technology enables transparent and secure transactions, allowing individuals to directly see how their donations are used.

Lemonaide is a software company

Lemonaide is a software company that provides you with a diverse range of blockchain-based products and services. With our innovative software solutions, we are here to support and empower you on your generosity journey.

Impact Tracking

Utilizing the Give blockchain, you gain the ability to easily track the impact of your donations and transactions, ensuring complete transparency in understanding how your funds have made a difference.

Latest Technology

Lemonaide and the GIVE Blockchain collaborate to create a transparent donation platform. Together, they amplify your generosity with tools and resources, driving positive change and helping you find purpose.

How do I get GIVE coin?

GIVE Blockchain

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