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Lemonaide uses the Give Blockchain to guarantee each donation is trackable and visible to all.

make juice from lemons

Nonprofits who trust us:

Spark of Hope Foundation
Free a Girl USA
ROAM Humanitarian
Aerial Recovery

When life gives you lemons...

Life is full of lemons - sour situations. Choose to make some lemonade by
contributing to a project that resonates with you.


Find Purpose

Find a purpose

Help others accomplish their purpose and share yours.

Make Impact

Meditating lemon

See the impact of your contributions through our impact tracking.

Get Rewarded

Lemon on another lemon's shoulders

You're a good person who does good — you should be rewarded.

Transparent Technology

We squeeze the good out of blockchain

No worries if you're not familiar with blockchain. You can still donate! With blockchain, you can experience transparency, security, and efficiency throughout the donation process, making your contributions more impactful and meaningful.


Unlike traditional donating, by using blockchain technology, we ensure that every donation is visible to all, creating trust and accountability within our community.


Here, you give cryptocurrency to projects you find purpose in, earning rewards along the way. The best part? Use your rewards to make an even bigger impact by donating to another cause.

Community Voting

Our community can offer new ideas on how the blockchain functions. Each community member has a vote on these ideas. You have a say, even if you're not an expert.

Purpose Project   Coming Soon

Purpose projects allow you to find meaning and make a difference. Whether you're seeking your own purpose or helping others discover theirs, these projects empower you to make an impact.

Take advantage of the Give Blockchain

Power our Transparency

We use the Give Blockchain to verify donations and reward our users.
Come see how you can help support our network.

What folks are saying:

Lemonaide has completely transformed my life by giving me a sense of purpose as a donor.

Madi A.

At WHOlives, we absolutely love Lemonaide because they have revolutionized the process of giving back. They make it incredibly safe and easy for both the donor and the receiving nonprofit.

John R.

Founder / CEO at WHOlives

I donated crypto to Spark of Hope Foundation using Lemonaide and it was a smooth process.

Tiafau P.

Thanks to the donations of Lemonaide, we are able to provide regular support to our rescue teams.

Evelien H.

Founder at Free a Girl USA

I am forever grateful to Lemonaide for changing my life and allowing me to contribute to creating a better world.

Rachel B.

I didn't have any crypto at the time but they had an option for me to convert my USD to crypto and then make the donation. It was awesome!

Haylee T.

Lemonaide is more than fundraising

We are igniting purpose, fueling change, and transforming lives worldwide.